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About Us







In an industry dominated by large corporations and franchises, AMC Realty stands out as an independent firm made up of highly knowledgeable and experienced real estate and mortgage professionals. AMC Realty maintains the organizational agility to meet client needs fast by eliminating the multiple layers of management bureaucracy that characterize most large corporations and franchises.


AMC Realty was founded in 1995 solely by Anushka M. Coverdale and now consists of a group of veteran real estate and mortgage professionals who share a common goal —


To make the home buying, selling and mortgage loan process easier for everyone.


AMC Realty’s full service real estate and mortgage experts ensure smooth, problem-free property transactions by providing superior attention to detail. In fact, by taking a proactive approach and using the latest communications technologies, we help to ensure that homeowners, agents and lenders know exactly what is going on with their transactions at all times.


Put simply, AMC Realty takes the stress and worry out of real estate and mortgage transactions by providing attentive and reliable real estate and mortgage services.


Headquartered in Windsor, California, we invite you to contact AMC Realty in their beautiful new ultra-modern office located in the gateway to Old Downtown Windsor and the Town Green Village, a unique Sonoma County neighborhood with an innovative mixed-use condominium urban community.


AMC Realty serves clients across Northern California and currently operates in Sonoma, Marin, Lake, Mendocino, Alameda, Contra Costa, Solano, San Francisco, and Sacramento counties. We are proud to be a multi-lingual company, able to communicate in English, Spanish, Laotian, Thai, German, Slovene and Serbo-Croatian. We are confident that we can meet all your real estate and mortgage needs.


In addition, we are carrying out an aggressive growth plan that will expand the company beyond its Bay Area base in the years ahead. With this secure foundation and our expertise, AMC Realty is able to provide home buying & selling, mortgage and refinancing processes with a superior level of comfort and confidence.